Very Durable: Embroidered images are sewn right on to the garment, so they’re there forever

Garment Types: More suitable for certain garment types such as outerwear, headwear, polar fleece and business wear.

Embroidery Set-Up is referred to as “Digitization”. But this is not to be confused with just any old “electronic file” you may have on your computer. In fact, you need to have your logo professionally Digitized for Embroidery.

The Embroidery Digitization is a one-time charge, and you will OWN the digitized file.

Definitely. If you have no “pictures” or images in your design, and it’s only text, you may be able to save substantial Embroidery Set-Up Charges, especially if you are not required to use an extremely specific font. There are many basic Embroidery Fonts that we can use to typeset your text for a fee closer to the $30.00 mark. Again, this is a One-Time Charge.

EMBROIDERY RERUNS: Do I pay the Digitization/Set-up Charge Every time I run the job?
No. The Embroidery Digitization/Set-Up Charge is a One-Time Charge.

KEEPING EMBROIDERY PRICING DOWN: How can I Keep my Embroidery Costs to a Minimum?
Price is a function of the number of stitches in your design. Embroidery pricing is affected by:
– The complexity of your design (more complicated – more stitches)
– The size of your image. The larger the design, the more stitches it takes to recreate it
– The number of locations that you choose to embroider
– The number of garments you are having embroidered. It starts getting “reasonable” around the 24 unit mark.

There is NO minimum for embroidery with Golden Needles Embroidery

SAMPLE EMBROIDERY: Can I See a Sew Off/Test Embroidery?
Absolutely, before any job is embroidered, a test version of the embroidery is done. At your request, we will send you a scanned image of the embroidery test for you to approve before proceeding with the entire order.

LARGER EMBROIDERED IMAGES: What’s the Largest Image size you can embroider?
Because the size of the embroidered image directly affects pricing, most people tend to keep embroidered logos relatively small. You’d be amazed at the level of detail that can be achieved in a 3.50” X 3.50” area.
However, we very often do larger embroidered images on the back of garments, and these are no problem. Size varies, between 8” wide – 12” wide. Some people like their logos just above the back hem. Other’s like it between the shoulder blades.

FONTS: What fonts Can I use for Embroidery?
We have a good selection of basic fonts. It you only require text in your embroidered design, and if you are able to use one of our standard fonts, your Embroidery Set-Up Charge can be significantly reduced. However, if you have a very specific font, we will actually recreate your design letter by letter. It now changes from “typesetting” to “artwork” and will likely be more expensive than a “stock” font.

INDIVIDUAL NAMES, NUMBERS OR TEAM POSITIONS: Can this be done with Embroidery?
Definitely. We can embroider names, numbers, team positions or whatever at a nominal charge per unit.